Zuccon SuperYacht Design Introduces New 55m Concept

By Ben Roberts

Having closed its very first year in business with two important projects, Zuccon SuperYacht Design is now celebrating a landmark occasion after presenting its third new project.

Exactly one year after opening its doors, “Zuccon SuperYacht Design” is ready to amaze the superyacht market with an ambitious new design. In the wake of the launch of the ZSYD 90 and the ZSYD 92 in 2013, Zuccon International Project’s “SuperYacht” brand launches a new 55 metre yacht with a classic flavour.

The Rome-based studio has also reorganised its many designs on the basis of five different style concepts: Timeless, Floating Architecture, Dislopen Series, Over 100 and Vintage. Five ways of thinking about superyachts, and five ways of responding to demand on the market with the right balance of innovation, style and comfort.

Zuccon International Project’s “SuperYacht” brand now presents the new ZSYD 55 Febo. 55 metres long, with minimal lines, the simple design of this striking yacht looks as if it’s intended for speed and high performance. But appearances can be deceptive, for the ZSYD 55 is precisely the opposite: a full displacement hull that travels at a leisurely pace and saves fuel, in line with the current trend of demand for low operating costs and fuel consumption.

A key factor in the design of the vessel is use of outside space, seen as almost more important than the interior. The elegance of the vessel’s lines and the perfect balance between form and functionality make the yacht’s design innovative yet timeless.

Solid research is what makes the design solutions of this category’s yacht so perfect and accurate. The timeless elegance of the lines and perfect union of form and function in the layout give these yachts a contemporary style and allure that remains unaltered over the years. These are true "Classics" in the most positive sense of the word; and for designers, they represent an irresistible challenge: leaving a clear and indelible sign of quality.

In addition to Timeless, the Dislopen, Floating Architecture, Over 100 and Vintage categories sum up the practical, multidisciplinary nature of Zuccon’s work.

By Ben Roberts