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That’s A LuxWrap: 58m Skyfall Unveils New Look

That’s A LuxWrap: 58m Skyfall Unveils New Look

With the ever increasing technological advancements in design, now more than ever it is possible to transform the look and personality of a yacht in ways and timeframes once thought unimaginable. This is exactly what the team at LuxWrap offer their clients, and they are quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

LuxWrap, the World Leader in ‘Superyacht Vinyl Wrapping & Finishing’, routinely undertakes projects on a scale never seen before. With an enviable reputation for service and reliability, it is no wonder that LuxWrap has become the ‘go to’ company for many of the world‘s largest and most respected Superyachts and their owners.

In an industry that demands not only competence, but excellence, accountability and the ability to mobilise quickly and often work to extremely strict/borderline impossible deadlines, LuxWrap is delivering its service in a way not seen before, and it isn’t going un-noticed.

A trailblazing business responsible for the largest ever gold chrome Superyacht wrap (55m BELLAMI.COM Ex. KINTA), and others in the 40-60m range. Their most recent project to wrap M/Y SKYFALL’s hull in a striking sky-blue was completed in an unprecedented 6.5 (six and a half) days whilst still being in the water.

This speed of delivery is just one of the many reasons that Superyacht owners are taking a particular interest in LuxWrap over traditional paint or polishing.

According to LuxWrap, vinyl wrapping solutions should not be considered as an alternative to paint, but rather as a compliment.

“We all know that painting Superyachts is expensive and time consuming and must be done at least every 8-10 years. Wrapping on the other hand also lasts several years and can be as low as 1/10th the cost at 50m, and even lower in percentile terms as the yacht size increases,” said LuxWrap’s Founder.

Continuing “By choosing LuxWrap, yacht owners are making a decision to protect their paint, which is a capital asset, with their style, which is whatever look is desired that season. So whilst our service may offer huge style potential, it has enormous utility and long term cost benefits, keeping paint fresh, permanently.”

The much shorter installation timeframe when working with LuxWrap and the fact they are the only Superyacht wrap company with its own mobile dock system, and a track record of performing full hull colour changes whilst fully in the water, means that owners are able to slash infrastructure/dry-dock costs to virtually zero, and lose very little cruising/charter time.

LuxWrap’s completion of high profile projects on KINTA/BELLAMI and SKYFALL are sure to cause a stir in the industry, however for several years the company has been been quietly building a reputation, having also wrapped 45m LIFE SAGA, as well as the interior of 45m BLUSH, among many others.

The potential of these customisable projects has already been shown to perfectly serve different purposes. While SKYFALL’s sky blue colour change has prepared her for private sailing, KINTA’s gold shine is being used for a bold advertising tour for BLUSH was an interior facelift in conjunction with an award winning interior designer, using specialist architectural films and finishes such as gold and silver flake, textiles and alligator skin.

It is fair to say there is no project too big for this team… At the time of writing, the company is in discussions with a 100m + yacht seeking to wrap over their tired paint with an exact colour match, in order to delay painting a few more years. This is exactly the territory LuxWrap operate in!

Whether its colour changing, colour matching, custom design, interior, exterior, on the hard or in the water. This company can do it all.

For those eager to catch a glimpse of the new-look SKYFALL, she will be in Monaco during the yacht show later this month. Although she will not be docked at Port Hercules, SKYFALL will be hovering around the waters so be sure to keep a look out at the show.

LuxWrap will be exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show, and for those keen to learn more about their work they will be on the Quai Antoine 1er with videos of their work playing in the screen next to the Breaking News Centre.

By choosing LuxWrap, yacht owners are making a decision to protect their paint, which is a capital asset, with their style, which is whatever look is desired that season
LuxWrap Founder