The Ferretti Group Empire Expands Further Into China

The Ferretti Group Empire Expands Further Into China

Ferruccio Rossi, CEO of Ferretti Group, is a man in charge of an Italian empire. Joining us at the fifth edition of the China Rendez-Vous, Ferruccio Rossi walked us through the journey the group is taking to enhance their brand presence in China’s fledgling market.

“We have a new stand, seven boats and this is the result of the activities in the last year in particular … the boats that are sold to mainland Chinese means that it is a new market and a new market which is growing quite well. We want to introduce boats that have been personalised according to the Chinese style and the Chinese need.”

Attention to detail is a key element in regards to building yachts, especially when tailoring for the different tastes across the globe.

The models on display during the China Rendez-Vous included the Ferretti Yachts 530, the Ferretti Navetta 26 Crescendo and the Ferretti Custom Line 112’ Next for the Ferretti brand and the Pershing 82 for Pershing; however, the true stars were undoubtedly the 3 models, representing the Ferretti brand, presented as absolute premieres for the Asia–Pacific region: the Ferretti Yachts 960, the flagship of the “Yachts” product line; the Ferretti Yachts 870; and the first Ferretti Yachts 690 in the “Tai He Ban by Ferretti” special edition.

After CRN signed a letter of intent for a 68 metre yacht destined for China, the Ferretti Group has been moving further and further into Asia. Watch the above video for more information from the CEO of the Ferretti Group.

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