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The Latest at Winch: Partnerships & Top 100 Designs

The Latest at Winch: Partnerships & Top 100 Designs
The Latest at Winch: Partnerships & Top 100 Designs

London-based designer Winch has been among the most prestigious and respected design houses since its very establishment in 1986. Winch is today renowned for a style and elegance which perfectly strikes the delicate balance between classical and modern; simple and luxurious; light and rich. Now, well into its 33rd year, the firm has repeatedly proven that the machinations of time and an increasingly complex industry have only strengthened its hold as champion of yacht design.

We took a closer look at the latest news at Winch, from doorhandles to 111m design projects, to hope for a better insight into what makes it so unique...

Recently we heard of two new innovative Winch partnerships in remarkably rapid succession. The first, between Winch and The Rug Company, features a new collection on handknotted rugs inspired by natural elements and the details found on land, in air and at sea.

Closer inspection of these particular designs gives us an introspective into the depth and dimensions of Winch designers’ thought processes; to Riviera for example, a sample inspired by the ocean, was designed with subtle ombre and meticulous colour choice to emulate the light and movement of the sea.

The fruit of Winch’s next partnership, the Labyrinth range introduced in conjunction with Turnstyle Designs, is similarly motivated by the natural elements and the beauty they inspire. This range of luxury doorware takes inspiration from land and sea, boasting a design which mimics the patterns of brain coral.

From the finest details to the largest yachts, the secret to Winch’s success is the pride and utmost care it takes in every project it takes on-board. As Jim Dixon, Director of Yachts & Aviation at Winch, puts it, “I get a kick out of finessing a door handle as much as I do master planning our next mega yacht or VVIP bizliner.”

The most notable recent project, fit inside and out by Winch design, is undoubtedly the recently delivered magnificent 111m Lurssen, Tis. As can be seen from these interior photos below, this project has been pulled off like nothing Winch has ever accomplished before; the design studio has truly taken advantage of the size and space of the vessel to realise the owner’s very particular and distinctive tastes.

Stepping aboard Tis is not dissimilar to being cast back to the late French Renaissance period at the height of its fashion. Her grand staircases, gold-wrought furniture and delicate chandeliers are reminiscent of a trip to the Palace of Versailles, yet are kept tastefully and refreshingly modern by a delicately light colour scheme and airy, open spaces such as the al fresco dining area.

The delivery of Tis marked a momentous occasion not just for Winch but of course for Lurssen also. Given the unparalleled track record of these German giants, it is easy to forget just how much of an accomplishment such a delivery is; particularly when paired with the launch of 140m Project Lightning, 136m Flying Fox and 95m Madsummer all in the same year – not to mention the 142m Redwood currently under construction.

It would be difficult to deny that this year Winch has proven itself indeterminably capable of pulling off to the exact same impeccably high standards each and every task it takes on - from the behemmoth interior and exterior project of a Top 100 yacht, to intricately inspired floors and doors. 

I get a kick out of finessing a door handle as much as I do master planning our next mega yacht or VVIP bizliner.
Jim Dixon, Director of Yachts & Aviation at Winch