Notes From The Editor

Week Ending 10 June 2011

The announcement of another behemoth to take to the oceans has caused ripples of excitement throughout the industry this week, after Donald Starkey Designs revealed renderings of its new creation – a 75m Motor Yacht.

The novelty of a new superyacht never seems to fade, and with the brilliant minds of Donald Starkey’s team behind it, you can guarantee the vessel will be yet another thing of beauty.

Elsewhere, we feature a unique event that will take place on the Spanish island of Mallorca later this month. Designed by a creative-thinking group of brokers, the mini boat show is designed to solve the problem of short-notice requests for yachts viewings. If successful, it could catch on around the world. Watch this space!

In other news, the prestigious Dubois Cup took place off the coast of Sardinia last Monday after a delayed start caused by bad weather had pushed the racing back by one day. The popular event drew a typically large crowd of competitors and enthusiasts who came to view an unlikely candidate take the title.

Finally this week, we’ve seen the arrival of a new marina on the yachting landscape, the launch of Oyster Marina’s first 100-foot yacht, and the sale of one of the most important superyachts of its generation. Enjoy our newsletter.