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World’s Largest Superyacht REV Prepares to Launch

REV on the barge at Tulcea. Photo Credit: Bogdan Vasilescu

Since we first heard news of Kjell Inge Røkke’s plans to construct the world’s largest superyacht back in 2017, the team at has been closely following the construction journey of REV Ocean via the vessel’s website and social media channels. Now, after much anticipation, the launch week has arrived, and we are happy to bring you the latest on REV Ocean’s arrival onto the water.

Due to changes on the ground, REV is officially expected to hit the water tomorrow. Now with her hull and superstructure completed, the images attached show REV’s form truly coming in to shape. As she can now be viewed in her current position on the barge, we are reminded of a conversation held last week between and REV’s exterior designer Espen Øino, who commented that seeing REV in person brought home how ‘truly massive in scale’ the yacht really is.  

A few days after she hits the water, REV will leave her yard in Tulcea to be towed to Norway towards the end of the month, travelling down the Danube river and towards the Black Sea. Once REV arrives in Norway she will undergo the next stage of outfitting, before final launch sometime next year. This unique vessel will then be employed for a whole host of scientific research projects and goals, from the study of overfishing to monitoring the sea bed.

As we reported last week, the construction of REV is an innovation of yacht building in more ways than one. Apart from the yacht’s size, which will see her top the LOA of the world’s current largest superyacht Azzam by 2 metres, REV’s onboard systems are expected to be those of ‘one of the best equipped if not the best equipped scientific ships around’, as Espen told us. Counting amongst them major trawling equipment, submarines and an on-board auditorium, REV’s on-board facilities and equipment will push the boundaries of traditional yacht building in unprecedented ways.

Stay tuned for more updates on what has been a very exciting week for the REV Ocean team as we bring you the latest on the world’s largest superyacht’s momentous journey to completion.

She will be one of the best equipped if not the best equipped scientific ships around.
Espen Øino, Exterior Designer