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Yacht Charter Insight: Creating a Taste for Adventure

Yacht Charter Insight: Creating a Taste for Adventure
Yacht Charter Insight: Creating a Taste for Adventure

The charter lifestyle offers an endless spectrum of experiences, including exotic destinations, entertaining, relaxing and, more importantly, gourmet dining. We speak to Flying Charter about the ultimate culinary experience onboard charter yacht Riviera while taking a closer look at the Italian West Coast which inspired it.

The story of each region can be expertly told by the yacht’s chef. Taking fresh regional produce and life experience to mix and combine flavours worthy of royalty is a genuine craft Chef Salvatore “Cardillo” Aiello knows all too well.

Working to entertain the human palate through regional produce, creating both experimental and classic menu selections as well as matching the finest examples of Italian wine with the view is one of the real draws of chartering a yacht. Riviera is a charter yacht which takes real pride in this, and it shows in the charter testimonies passed on by her charter managers.

Chef Salvatore, the artist himself, acquired a lifelong culinary experience thanks to his family restaurant in Sorrento, where he had the possibility to develop his high standard cooking skills and where he learned to identity and exalt all the world famous Mediterranean produce.

An expert fisherman and specialized in seafood cuisine, Salvatore often produces his own ingredients to cook his guests gourmet meals. Prawns, olive oil, fleshy tomatoes, and super smelling lemons will mix together to entertain the palate of even the most demanding MasterChef expert. Find out more about the testing menu of Riviera by clicking here.

Nestled in the Bay of Naples, the homeport of M/Y Riviera is an Italian West Coast dream and reflects the menu of Chef Salvatore perfectly. Not only is this the inspiration of the culinary experience, but an idyllic charter destination.

From the Amalfi Coast to the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Italian West Coast is filled with volcanic beaches, rocky cliffs rising from the water and regional hotspots synonymous with luxury and sophistication. For more information on the charter region and Riviera itself, follow the links.

[The] Food on board Riviera is out of this world, we definitely want Salvatore to write a cookbook. We have never eaten so well.
Tom C. - Charter Guest