Nice Luxury Yachting Guide

As a diamond onthe Côte d’Azur diadem, Nice has foregone the magnetism of gentle-sand beaches and glamorous boutiques for antique charm and artistic brilliance, which only succeeds in enhancing the intrigue of France’s south-east corner.

Set against a backdrop of the beautiful Baie des Anges, Nice is a high-energy city, exuding a lively and sophisticated charm that shelters a quieter authentic character at its heart. Some of the world’s most inspired have called Nice home over its fascinating history, a myriad of writers, musicians and artists leaving their imprint on the city’s character.

Vieux Nice
Nowhere is this mark more evident that in Vieux Nice, the enchanting old town lined with alluring alleyways and multi-hued arcades that hide the city’s finest antiques, sweet treats and vintage wines. This charming area also hosts an array of world-class galleries and museums including the famous Matisse Museum.

This cultural history is also passionately celebrated throughout the year, with joyous festivities including the Nice Carnaval in February where flamboyant parades and thrilling fireworks dominate the city’s streets and skyline. The old port also plays host to the Nice Boat Show every May, when thousands of professionals and yachting enthusiasts gather in the harbour to admire the impressive array of vessels on display and discuss the latest in the yachting world.

Far from languorous, Nice is rarely quiet, with the Italian influence on the city evident in its bustling street life and brilliant cuisine. Instead of startling-white sands, Nice’s beaches are all polished pebbles and parasoled lounges, but the cobalt waters of the Baie des Anges that wash their shores are rich with colourful marine life that make Nice excellent for swimming and diving. With an impressive list of first-class and award-winning restaurants, Nice holds its own against its glitzy neighbours when it comes to fine dining.

As the first sight as you sail into the attractive town, the port of Nice welcomes yachts with its historical location surrounded by vibrant buildings. Yachts of up to 200 metres are comfortably accommodated and featuring constant video security, the Port of Nice makes for a perfect docking destination. With excellent connections to the rest of the French Riviera, Nice acts as a stimulating gateway to a coast of hidden villages and major Riviera hot-spots.

Only a short sail away is the delightfully attractive spa town of Villeneuve-Loubet, offering an ideal escape from the boundless energy of the city. The Provencal village boasts two thassalotherapie spas serving up a diverse mix of therapies and treatments using traditional Mediterranean techniques. The medieval seaside town also boasts a breathtaking Bay of Angels coastline, the perfect place to relax on a sun-drenched café terrace.

For something completely different, escape to the mountains by helicopter and the stunning Alpine village of Sospel. Peaceful and quaint, the surrounding area offers exhilarating opportunities to hike, horse-ride, bike and fish amongst the French countryside. For the ultimately opulent escape, the sparkle of Cannes is never far away.



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