Northeast Aegean Luxury Yachting Guide

Floating far from the mainland that inspires their deeply authentic Grecian heart are the Northeast Aegean Islands. Protected by their remoteness, the gentle coastlines and luscious interiors of these island treasures remain beautifully pristine and excitingly discoverable.

This island group boasts some of Greece’s most picturesque beaches and flourishing interiors, almost over-flowing with olive and grape groves that cover the Islands’ rolling valleys. Made up of nine separate islands, the most spectacular yachting destinations of the group are Samos, Lesbos (Lesvos), Chios, and Lemnos, scattered across the waters close to Turkey.

Samos is the easternmost of the Aegean Islands and a luxury resort destination since the heyday of the 1980s. Its sunny waterfront stretches are lined with atmospheric tavernas, laid-back bars and casual cafés, while sand to sea is dotted with sunbeds.

The pretty main town twirls around a half-moon bay where eye-catching pastel buildings weave up the green hillside in tiers, carving a path to the more traditional villages that lie inland away from the bustling port area. The delightful sand and shingle coves sprinkled around Samos make for perfect sailing, passing the arresting villages of Kokari, Tsamadou and Avlakia as you circle the scenic coastline.

Lesbos is the third largest of all the Greek Islands, whose size grants visitors the feeling of being in an exclusive world of their own even when the island is at its peak. Fishing is a local speciality here, evident in the quaint fishing villages and flourishing spots that stud the coastline. Lesbos is a lovely escape where secluded pale-gold beaches and wonderful hiking and bird watching opportunities reign supreme.

The main town of Mitilini is gorgeously situated around a striking Byzantine castle, while the intriguing Molivos in the north presents a picturesque town draped in casual ambience. Bathing, snorkelling and sunbathing on the town’s pebbly beach are the main attractions, followed by relaxed evenings spent sipping cool cocktails. Loutroploi Thermis boasts indulgent therapeutic springs which have long been favourites of locals and visitors alike.

Chios lies tantalizingly close to Turkey, making it a fabulous point of call for yachting vacations to both Greece and Turkey. One of the most unspoilt of the northeast, Chios unsurprisingly boasts glorious beaches, captivating medieval towns and picture-perfect landscapes. Chios Town on the eastern shore is home to the main port, but the most beautiful sights on the island belong to the region of Volissos, home to some truly lovely soft-sand beaches perfect for bathing and relaxing.

Limnos is much quieter than its neighbours, making it the ideal place to head for peace, tranquillity, and uninterrupted sailing of stunning bays and glistening beaches.

Northeast Aegean

Northeast Aegean

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