Northern Europe Luxury Yachting Guide

Sitting high above the endless sun of the Mediterranean and lying far from the ancient ruins of the south is a region blessed with an eclectic European charm of its own. Northern Europe is the land of majestic fjords and fairytale towns, of big-time cities and modern-day wonders.

Nowhere else do cosmopolitan and country meld so seamlessly together, and visitors to this part of the world will be hard-pressed to find another destination so kaleidoscopically different yet so united in welcome. From world-famous landmarks and scenic marvels to an overflowing offering of theatre, shopping and museums, the stunning region of Scandinavia is a satisfying slice of the Europe of old.

Combining calls at some of the world’s most picturesque ports with cruising through the breathtaking Norwegian fjords, Scandinavia is a truly unique experience. Norway is pure glacial beauty, while Finland’s waterfront capital of Helsinki is enticingly rich in artistic and cultural marvels. Sweden is an intricate tapestry of glistening lakes and neat cities, and Denmark’s Jutland peninsula and scattering of islands create excellent sailing destinations. Not to be forgotten, the intriguing Iceland is an adventurous wonderland of tremendous icecaps, spouting geysers and spectacular waterfalls.

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is a compact package of multicultural delights and surprising entertainment. From its rocky coastline to its big-city heart, this northern island is steeped in medieval history that remains evident behind its modern stores, artistic havens and spectacular sightseeing. England’s southern coast is pure discovery in its rawest form, while the stylish city of London is a must-visit for shopping, nightlife and a large dose of regal sophistication.

Scotland’s west is full of mist-shrouded lochs and atmospheric port towns, while Edinburgh in the east shines bright enough to dazzle any European city. The legendary Ireland speaks for itself, where enthralling coastline, timeless towns and a generous splash of Irish revelry never cease to capture the imagination.

France adds its own chic flavour to this picturesque region, where the shores of Normandy and Brittany await across the seas.

Northern Europe

Northern Europe

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