Oman Luxury Yachting Guide

Long considered an under-developed nation, the Sultanate of Oman has leapt into the 21st century under the guidance of its forward-thinking leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Though technically a desert country, Oman will astound travellers with its verdant gardens, elaborate floral displays and diverse wildlife both on land and in the bounteous sea.

Oman is a country of enormous diversity and stunning natural beauty that make it the ultimate escape from contrived tourist destinations, as it has been largely overlooked by international travellers: this cannot last forever. Those with adventurous spirits will want to travel to experience this magical oasis of traditional customs and modern sentiments before it fades into some new existence.

Shopping enthusiasts should find their way to the buzzing capital city of Muscat, and its cosmopolitan hub of Qurum as well as the district of Al Khuwair. Housing a variety of boutiques, ateliers and other vibrant shops, Oman does not disappoint in the area of consumer affairs.

Possessing a surprising array of wildlife, all of which are protected by strict laws banning hunting on indigenous endangered animals or living within nature preserves, Oman is a naturalist’s paradise. Here the Arabian Leopard and Arabian Oryx exist happily among the gazelles, taher, ibex, desert foxes and assorted wild cats.

The rich waters off of Oman’s lush, 1700 kilometre coastline are home to 22 species of protected whale and dolphin, while the shorelines attracts innumerable turtles to breed, specifically in the reserves of Ras al-Jinz and those of the Dimaaniyat Islands.

Bursting with exotic marine life, Oman is home to some of the best-kept secrets as far as dive sites are concerned. Loaded with a kaleidoscopic array of tropical fish darting amongst soft and hard corals, the waters off of Oman’s coastline are hard to beat. The coast of Oman itself is equally lovely, with its sprawling stretches of pristine beach, dotted with coves perfect for snorkeling and gentle shelves that are tailor-made for young families.

Those looking for history in the Sultanate of Oman will find it in spades, with the extensive amount of forts and castles being some of the most striking cultural landmarks. Home to over 500 forts, castles and towers that were erected to protect the massive coastline from potential invaders, they are constructed in an array of architectural styles dating from the various periods in which they were built.



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