Philippines Luxury Yachting Guide

The Philippines is the world’s second largest archipelago, stretching over 7000 lush tropical islands whose rich waters boast world-class diving, snorkelling and thrilling shark swimming. Combining a wide swathe of development levels, the Philippine Islands play host to chic urban areas as well as rustic fishing villages, every one of which is astounding.

These delightful coral-fringed islands occupy a beatific zone of the balmy South Pacific, and each destination within the Philippines offers an incredible and completely unique experience.

Intrepid travellers to this area will be amazed by the vivid tapestry that is the Philippine culture and by the gregarious and hospitable nature of the Filipino people themselves, making this one of the world’s most incredible destinations.

Travellers with urban luxury on their minds will want to head to Manila: this bustling capital of the Philippines appears to grow larger each day with the continual influx of people from the outer regions, but the thing to remember about this incredible city is that it is actually a collection of towns with no true centre. The walled area known as Intramuros was the traditional centre but was decimated in WWII and, though bones of the past do remain, nearby Quiapo, Ermita and Binondo have tried to fill the role of being Manila’s cultural epicentre.

Binondo and Quiapo are in essence market towns and, though each is full to bursting with unique stalls and vibrant energy, they are not strong enough to carry all that Manila has to offer. Ermita, like its lively neighbour Malate, is full of clubs and bars and is the essential place for night owls and pleasure-seekers. Makati is the commercial centre for the entire country as well as housing great boutiques and premier restaurants, and is located in the modern section of Manila.

Baguio is known as the summer capital of the Philippines and is a haven from the intense heat that this season can bring. With it’s manicured parks and stunning views, this rich agricultural area is considered the vegetable basket of the islands and is the native home of the indigenous Igorot people whose unique culture has been kept intact for over 2000 years and is proudly maintained.

Historians will want to explore the venerable Spanish city of Vigan, once an important Chinese trading post that now attracts visitors for its old-world charm and selection of exotic Asian goods. Banaue is home to a sprawling mass of rice paddies, sometimes touted as the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’, and a stunning sight no matter where your tastes may lie.

Outdoor enthusiasts have a plethora of activities to choose from, as well as an array of destination in which to pursue them. Trekkers and climbers will love the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, divers will adore the fabulous sites off of Anilao while sun-seekers need look no further than the palm-studded, sugar-white beaches of Sipalay or raucous Boracay.



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