Positano Luxury Yachting Guide

One of the glittering Mediterranean’s most picturesque towns, Positano enjoys a notoriety that few coastal resorts can match. Vibrant bungalows draped in flowering vines cling in multiple tiers to the nearly vertical rock face that rises from the gleaming turquoise waters. A true bijou seaside resort, the glorious beauty of Positano is breathtaking.

Serene and unpolished, this plush jewel of the Amalfi Coast is the quintessence of a picturesque coastal village: unassuming, vital and vibrant.

Home to ‘Moda Positano’, a style of fashion created in the fifties that symbolized freedom from the rigid dress codes of the day, Positano remains a home for artists and free-thinkers of all kinds. Famous for its skilled cobblers, innovative artist ateliers and charming boutiques, this is an intrepid shopper’s paradise.

Known as the ‘town of stairways’, Positano can be approached from above or below: both are stunning. From above, numerous groves of lemons and oranges mingle with the ambrosial scent of flowering scrub and the majestic silver-green shimmer of prolific olive groves.

This lush vista tumbles down to the sea where it meets with pearly sands and the gentle lapping of turquoise waters. Approaching the city from below, a radiant wall of buildings, stacked like vividly wrapped presents, looms high above you flashing pink, peach and ivory in the sultry Mediterranean heat.

Attracting an elite and affluent crowd, luxury is on hand at every turn in Positano. From the sprawling private villas set among the fragrant groves to the premier restaurants perched above the sea and boasting dazzling views of the exquisite Li Galli archipelago as well as the flamboyant beauty of Capri, Positano is a treasure.

Four beaches encircle the quaint charm of Positano’s harbour, the delicate Fornillo and Porta di Arienzo offer secluded beauty, while the opulent sprawl of the Marina and the Spiaggia Grande should not be missed. Nestled in the rugged coastline just outside the city centre, intrepid explorers will find the mysterious Grotta la Porta cave where prehistoric remains have been discovered.

Li Galli archipelago
Floating tranquilly floating off Positano’s colourful shores lays the Li Galli archipelago of Gallo Lungo, Rotunda and Castelluccio. This trio of verdant, secluded islands were once though to be the ancient home of the Sirens, and are perfect for exploratory plunges into this regions rich history.



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