Puerto Rico Luxury Yachting Guide

As vibrant as the flag that natives of the area proudly wave, Puerto Rico is an intensely colourful and diverse island culture that is completely unique to its Caribbean neighbours. Chic boutiques nestle between centuries old Spanish forts and concrete structures threaten to encroach on lush rainforests: Puerto Rico is a locale of entrancing juxtapositions.

Technically a commonwealth of the US, the island of Puerto Rico effortlessly blends the glacial efficiency of the States with the easygoing rhythm of the Caribbean. Exhibiting all the usual benefits of a West Indian locale, notably the fierce sunsets and glittering beaches of pristine sand, Puerto Rico enjoys a vivid infusion of Latin culture making it unlike any other island destination.

San Juan
San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and is home to one of the best harbours in the Caribbean. Viejo San Juan is host to one of the best preserved colonial cities in the Americas with elderly pensioners reclining on proch-front rocking chairs, the walls of two military forts and occasionally pierced by the sound of bomba drums.

El Condado and Miramar
El Condado and Miramar are the more affluent areas of San Juan and are home to exquisite boutiques, plush hotels and delicious cuisine, both local and international. The business centre of the island is in Hato Rey and also houses the Plaza las Americas, a sprawling mall of over 300 shops. Just outside San Juan lies Isla Verde, with its pristine beaches and rugged parks.

On the south coast lies Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second largest city and one with the most relaxed, family atmosphere. Historically rich and filled with lovely architectural gems, Ponce has a single city square and infrequent nightlife. Night owls will want to head to La Guancha for open-air bars and a more festive atmosphere.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves in a land of plenty as the treasures of Puerto Rico are beyond compare. Isla Mona is a gorgeous place of almost entirely feral growth, while the Bosque Estatal de Carite high in the central mountains is a trekker’s dream. The island of Culebra is considered by some to be Puerto Rico’s wacky sister but definitely worth a look around, while avid cyclists will enjoy Vieques’ natural beauty.

Surfing and Diving
Surfers will want to head to Rincon, the ‘California’ of Puerto Rico, whose massive surf breaks call enthusiasts here from around the globe. Divers will find the perfection of Isla Desecheo’s dazzling coral reefs and crystalline waters to be some of the best in the Caribbean.

Nature Parks and Beaches
Naturalists will want to head to Las Cabezas de San Juan nature reserve in order to experience the seven different ecosystems and bioluminescent bay. Sun-seekers are in the ultimate destination: Puerto Rico is ringed with gorgeous beaches of pristine sands and azure waves, Playa Flamenco is touted as one of the best beaches on the planet and shouldn’t be missed.

Puerto Rico Area Information

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