Riga Luxury Yachting Guide

A fairy-tale city where the elegance of Art-Nouveau architecture meets with ultra-modern glass-fronted buildings, Riga is a town with either foot planted firmly in the past and the present. Over 800 years old, this stunning locale boasts vibrant nightlife, premier cuisine, excellent shopping and diverse entertainments that are sure to inspire and enthral.

Home to a thriving cultural patchwork due to its intense ethnic diversity and swiftly moving into the spotlight as the darling of the Baltics, Riga is a glorious locale, rich in elegant beauty and gaining a cosmopolitan sensibility that sets it apart from its Northern European brothers and sisters.

Visitors to this lovely Baltic town are recommended to start their discovery of Riga in the Old Town, known as Vecriga. A UNESCO World Heritage site for its pristinely preserved assemblages of Art-Nouveau buildings, unique collection of old-world wooden architecture along with a general architectural tone reflecting various periods of the city’s 800 year history, Vecriga is a breathtaking sight.

Gothic, Baroque, Classic and Art-Nouveau designs crowd the pedestrianised cobblestone streets dotted with delicious restaurants and quaint cafés. The Dome Cathedral is one of Vecriga’s ancient treasures, a towering brick edifice built in the year 1211 and still in used as a place of worship today.

Local Life
Barely half the Latvian population call Riga home, though fewer than half of Rigans are ethnic Latvians. Despite being a minority in their own city, the streets of Riga display a rare ethnic harmony that seems to appreciate the cities vibrant cultural patchwork.

Formerly under Soviet rule, Riga has used its last two decades of freedom to develop its modern sensibilities and investors have poured money into the new town, creating a cosmopolitan foundation for Riga to grow into. Luxury and indulgence are no longer in short supply and are made all the more charming when offered by the genial and inviting Rigans, who themselves enjoy a high standard of living.

Situated at the mouth of the Daugava River, on the shores of the Riga Gulf, Riga is an excellent sailing destination. A perfect gateway to exploring deeply within the Baltics, Riga is well-equipped with boutique marinas and all the necessary nautical amenities.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the area just outside Riga is an untamed landscape of pristine natural beauty. Horseback riding is a favourite activity, as are canoeing, kayaking and rafting the hundreds of rivers or numerous tranquil lakes teeming with fish. Latvia’s rich abundance of unspoiled areas allows for superior hunting in the Northern Kurzeme, Northern Vidzeme and the Latgale region, making it a popular pastime among the fun-loving Rigans.



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