San Salvador Luxury Yachting Guide

San Salvador has the distinction of being the first island in the New World that Christopher Columbus set foot on. He is recorded as saying, at the time of landing, “The beauty of these islands surpasses that of any other and as much as the day surpasses the night in splendour.”

 With glorious, unspoiled beaches of pearly sand that stretch for miles, it’s possible for San Salvador visitors to not to see another person for hours at a time. The reefs off of the coast are rich in marine life and thick with incredible wrecks able to be explored by even the most novice diver. Though quiet compared to many of its sister islands, San Salvador embodies the true meaning of a luscious island escape.

The land is full of undulating hills, beautiful beaches and numerous salt water lagoons that surround the greater part of the island. It has one of the most unique-looking landscapes in The Bahamas.

The island is not short of man-made attractions, either, and is home to many monuments, ruins and shipwrecks that directly reflect its rich history, including four memorials that mark the exact spot Christopher Columbus came ashore. Visitors looking to embark on an adventure full of history and culture will find that San Salvador Island is the perfect place to begin their journey.