Sardinia Luxury Yachting Guide

Sitting off Italy's celebrated west coast, the sublime island of Sardinia is a complex patchwork of Franco-Italian culture. With a pearly coastline perfect for soaking up the sultry Mediterranean sun and crystalline water of the deepest blue where every inch of healthy reef is infused with the dream-like beauty of thriving coral beds and diverse marine life.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean:  approximately 250 kilometres from north to south and 110 kilometres from east to west, the stunning landscape is incredibly varied, from white sandy beaches along the coast to mountainous terrain at the island’s centre.

The towering peaks of Punta la Mormora are where the native Sardinian is spoken; Italian is the dominant language on this vast island although small enclaves within the island also enjoy other distinct dialects. The dramatic areas deep within the island such as Cagliari in the south or the old coastal towns like Alghero, all enjoy a rich heritage with a varied array of architecture and cultural traditions. Sardinia is also surrounded by a small number of boutique islands, the gem among them being the gorgeous Costa Smeralda.

A long-time favourite with the international jet-set, Sardinia has always been at the forefront of chic Italian getaways. Not only is Sardinia stylish, but it's every inch the good looking Italian town as well - it’s got it all: the culture, the cuisine, the countryside. The best way to appreciate the beauty of the Sardinia and its host of islands, Costa Smeralda in particular, is from the sea. Famous the world over, the beaches of Sardinia are truly something that must be seen to be believed. Explore the coastline and outlying islands and find your own private cove to swim and sunbath.

Scuba diving in the warm water of the Mediterranean is definitely the way to go: Sardinia’s clear water offers great visibility for the novice diver as well as the seasoned professional. With crystal-blue waters and diamond-white sands that stretch for miles, Sardinia is a bastion of intense beauty among some of the more rugged Mediterranean islands. Traditionally a holiday destination for Italians, Sardinia has been a well-kept secret due to its lack of connection with to the rest of Europe.

Anchor in one of Sardinia’s glorious bays and be captivated by the beauty of the breath-taking landscape, crystalline waters, pearly beaches and vibrant towns of Sardinia offering culture, history and a wealth of gastronomic delights.

Sardinia Area Information

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