Scandinavia Luxury Yachting Guide

A gorgeous fantasyland of smooth fjords, luminous glaciers and baroque villages, Scandinavia is sailing at its most enchanting. A glowing halo around Northern Europe, this bewitching region encompasses the majestic allure of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

The glorious coastlines of these northern gems offer a scenic adventure of awe-inspiring beauty unmatched by anything found in southerly waters. Scandinavia is an explorer’s dream, with every stretch of coastline offering a chance to discover spectacular waterfalls hidden within ice-carved inlets, and historical hillsides dotted with colourfully-thatched cottages. Combining calls at some of the world’s most picturesque ports with evening cruising through the breathtaking Norwegian fjords, Scandinavia is a truly unique experience.

Norway’s north is pure glacial beauty, sprinkled with rugged pinnacles and tiny islands discovered by the Vikings long ago. Further south lie the most breathtaking fjords, and the Norway of fairytales.

To the east is fiercely independent Finland, whose thriving waterfront capital Helsinki is enticingly rich in artistic and cultural marvels. Finland is bound on three sides by the fascinating Baltic Sea, a corner of the world where astonishing natural wonders and vibrant cities collide.

Nestled between the extravagance of Norway and the seclusion of Finland is dynamic Sweden. Over-flowing with glistening lakes and hugging the Baltic Sea on its eastern coastline, Sweden is Scandinavia’s yachting centre.

In the North Atlantic floats the intriguing Iceland, where the adventurous will be well at home and the weather is surprisingly warm. Tremendous icecaps, spouting geysers and spectacular waterfalls make this island a premier cruising port of call.

At the south of this remarkable region is Denmark, whose Jutland peninsula and scattering of islands create excellent sailing destinations. Pretty and charming, Denmark’s dainty landscape is sprinkled with delightful windmills and tightly-huddled villages.



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