Scotland Luxury Yachting Guide

Proudly unique and distinctive from end to end, this colourful country is more than rolling hills and famous folklore; Scotland possesses a mythical quality enriched by its misty lochs, dramatic west coast and truly beautiful cities.

With a rugged, elaborate coastline that stretches for almost 10,000 kilometres, it will come as no surprise that this heart-warming country is becoming a real yachting hotspot.

On the east is the capital of Edinburgh, widely considered to be one of the world’s most visually stunning cities. Lacking the modern skyscrapers and glossy streets of most other cosmopolitan beauties, Edinburgh’s charm lies in its medieval appearance, glistening lake and richly verdant scenery. Its high-end shopping, dainty cafes and charming streets however are equally as fascinating.

West Scotland
Scotland’s west is a wonderfully sheltered cruising ground, boasting stunning lochs, remote islands, and a dizzying array of peaceful anchorages and quaint harbours. As the home of Scotch, Scotland is also the perfect place to enjoy a vintage of local whisky for the ultimate connoisseur, rich in flavours of heather, malt, barley and smoke.

The islands and lochs of west Scotland are worth a visit for themselves alone, surrounded by excellent opportunities to encounter seals, dolphins and whales, as well as exotic bird species. With around 160 islands scattered around the attractive mainland, only a third of which are inhabited, a yacht grants discerning travellers the ultimate chance to reach these secluded gems that few others ever get to see.

Island of Mull
The attractive island of Mull is home to rich scenery, fairytale castles and brilliant outdoor hikes, while Islay is a bustling stretch of secluded beaches, outstanding wildlife and an impressive whisky distillery. The delightful resort port of Oban acts as an excellent gateway to exploring the western isles. It is in itself however full of interesting attractions including brilliant highland theatre, a large distillery and numerous handsome villages perfect for relaxed exploration.

Coll and Tiree
Across the way are the twin islands of Coll and Tiree, whose position near the Gulf Stream grants them one of the warmest locations in Britain. With immense dunes, soft beaches and excellent windsurfing, these rustic islands make perfect days by the sea.



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