110 Dolcevita Yacht

110 Dolcevita

110 Dolcevita

Majestic like the work of art she is, as scintillating as the most magical epoch in modern history, 110' Dolcevita is Riva’s new fibreglass flagship, the latest masterpiece to grace the revamped flybridge fleet.

Riva 110’ Dolcevita is huge from every point of view. It’s visual impact takes the breath away as does the incomparable combination of aesthetics and function, state-of-the-art technology and sea-faring experience. Marked by an ultra-sporting profile and a design embellished by shaped glass windows and chrome inserts, it’s the flagship of the fibreglass fleet. Among the most striking features, there’s the large glass windows on the trim line with integrated portholes and, on deck, the single height glass window that runs the entire length of the living room with the glass framed by a stainless steel structure. 

This new Riva model is once again the result of a collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the design studio founded by Mauro Micheli with Sergio Beretta, the Strategic Product Committee chaired by Ing. Pierro Ferrari and the Engineering Department of the Ferretti Group.


  • Builder: Riva Yacht

  • Exterior Designer: Officina Italiana Design

  • Naval Architect: Ferretti Engineering Department

  • Interior Designer: Officina Italiana Design