Motopanfilo 37m Yacht

Motopanfilo 37m

Motopanfilo 37m

Benetti launches the new Motopanfilo, an elegant, modern yacht for today’s boatowner, inspired not only by the legendary “navettes” of the Sixties but the glamour, freedom of expression and creativity synonymous with those times.

It is not simply a restyling of one of Benetti’s successes of yesteryear, but instead, represents a design for today in every sense. This is a boat that most assuredly speaks the language of the twenty first century whilst echoing the carefree spirit and the design typical of the Sixties, with several nods to Benetti’s heritage and iconic boats of that evocative decade.

In an increasingly frenetic world in which everything and everyone appears to hurtle at breakneck speed, with the Motopanfilo, Benetti offers the promise of a return to a more languid era, to a time brimming with tantalising tales of the glamour and exploits of the international jetset.

The Motopanfilo, a 37-metre displacement yacht made in composite, encapsulates how to transport classic tradition stylishly and unerringly into the future. Far from merely taking a stroll down memory lane and simply creating a retro revisitation, Benetti, together with Francesco Struglia for the exterior lines and Lazzarini Pickering Architetti for the interiors, have shaken up an old favourite and given it a delightfully fresh and contemporary makeover that includes all that modern technology and techniques can offer. Today’s iteration of the Motopanfilo delivers generous, light-filled spaces, almost uninterrupted visual contact with the sea and a series of vast terraces that descend right down to where they touch the surface of the water. But beyond its physical attributes is the charm and sophistication of a bygone era and a gentle, unassuming elegance that transcends fashions and trends.

A glance back to the past to design the future

Motopanfilo is an Italian word that was used in the early Sixties to denote the large motoryachts that very quickly became synonymous with glamour and the jetset lifestyle, and much-coveted objects of desire among socialites, royalty and prominent personalities from the worlds of business and entertainment. Benetti was one of the first shipyards to produce these yachts, launching much-loved models such as the Delfino, the Gabbiano, the Mediterraneo. Before long these boats, typically between 18 and 30 metres, became something of a status symbol and were a popular sight cutting through not only the waters of the Italian and French Rivieras, but fashionable spots the world over, helping propel Benetti to fourth position in the global yacht manufacturers list as early as 1970.

  • Builder: Benetti

  • Exterior Designer: Francesco Struglia

  • Interior Designer: Lazzarini Pickering Architetti