Sea Axe 50 M Yacht

Sea Axe 50 M

Sea Axe 50 M

The Damen Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support Vessel by Amels is a new and innovative concept in support vessels, designed to meet the expanding demand for support vessels among owners of larger yachts.

Featuring an adapted version of Damen Shipyard’s exclusive Axe Bow Concept that is already a standard part of Fast Crew Supply Vessels, the 50 metre boat is created to enhance life onboard large yachts. The Axe Bow design itself was created via a union between Damen and the Technical University of Delft, as well as encompassing significant contributions from the chief engineers and captains of Amels yachts.

Far from a conversion of the already released boats, the Sea Axe is a purpose built vessel that features a 50 metre hull and 9.2-metre beam, mirroring that of Damen workboats but with a much finer interior and finish. With its 30 metre open deck and a deck cargo capacity of 250 tonnes, the vessel works to relieve the primary yacht of stowage that occupies valuable space.

Carrying full classification that requires a crew of only six, the Sea Axe is aimed at supporting the charter market or extremely large sailing yachts with limited inventory space. The vessel will be capable of reaching speeds up to 28 knots, and has a transatlantic range of 18 knots.

The development of the Sea Axe began in 1995 with TU Delft conducting studies on the effects of lengthening the hull. The Axe Bow was shown to reduce vertical acceleration and slamming in heavy weather, which reduces the risk of seasickness, and also to be more efficient in smooth water.

  • Builder: Amels