Seychelles Luxury Yachting Guide

A sprawling landscape of incomparable beauty, the Seychelle islands are a lush tropical paradise once believed to be the home of the Garden of Eden. Powder-soft white sand beaches pair with tranquil turquoise waters to create an environment teeming with exotic plant and animal life not to be found anywhere else in the world.

A dazzling chain of 115 exquisite islands strung along the azure waters of the Indian Ocean like luminous pearls, the Seychelle islands must be individually explored to fully appreciate the complex, unique beauty of each.

This UNESCO World Heritage site attracts discerning traveller who want to sink deep within the fibre of a tropical haven, and absorb the unctuous flavours of glorious repose beneath the luminous rays of a sun of liquid gold.

Praslin & La Digue
Praslin is the most famous of the island chain, and home to the most lauded beach within the Seychelles, Anse Lazio. This stunning stretch of bone-white sand and crystalline sea is appropriately beautiful though tends to be popular with the ravaging hordes, so a quick 8 minute heli-ride to La Digue is the smartest option. Equally as ravishing, though very private and virtually untouched, this is the perfect retreat for soaking in the sun.

Mahé is home to the capital, Victoria, and, as such, enjoys a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than any of its surrounding sisters. Museums and sightseeing opportunities abound here, though the main draw of the island is surely its colourful port areas and innumerable ateliers and boutiques housing innovative works from unknown artists.

Luxury and indulgence are the catchphrase of the Seychelles, and boutique hotels, rustic villas and extravagant jungle bungalows are in abundance throughout these gorgeous islands. The available amenities are stunning: golf, giant turtle watching, premier surfing at the ferocious Carana beach and world-class snorkelling and diving in every last square meter of this maritime paradise will astound even the most seasoned enthusiast.

Hundreds of diverse species of marine life exists beneath the glittering cobalt waves, and thrive within the abundant reefs of pristine coral. For submerged adventures sure to raise the pulse, head to Port Launay to swim with whale sharks and dolphins at the Port Launay Marine National Park, a protected sanctuary.

Seychelles Area Information

  • Seychelles Rupee (SCR)
  • America/Bogota(GMT-05:00) Bogota Lima Quito Rio Branco-5



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