Singapore Luxury Yachting Guide

Singapore is an alluringly exotic mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures whose capital city provides a brilliant, ultra-modern backdrop to this rich social blend. Pristine to the last and packed with opportunity and adventure of every kind, every aspect of this sparkling city-state is deliciously inviting and completely unforgettable.

The Republic of Singapore is a fascinating place, a diminutive city-state unlike any other Southeast Asian city, remarkable in its achievements and exceptional in its vibrant cultural heritage.

Often unfairly described as a nanny state, the government of Singapore has created an utopian Southeast Asian city-state where graffiti-free trains run on time, traffic jams are nonexistent and everyone appears clean-cut and wholesome, with little or no pollution, poverty or chaos. An efficient, safe republic, though it can be a touch disciplinarian: for example, it is unlawful to spit on the street or chew gum, and public caning is still an approved form of punishment.

Singapore City
The vivid colour and dense bustle of Singapore City is not to be missed: travellers should visit a street vendor in order to sip a Tiger beer and sample the wide range of Asian delights, all of them heavy with flavour. Singapore City also delivers some of Southeast Asia’s best shopping and innovative, stylish restaurants, plus a swathe of top-notch hotels.

Stroll through Orchard Road to discover an up-and-coming designer or an old favourite among the high-end boutiques, poke around antique shops in Chinatown or take a walk around one of the dozens of beautiful city parks. Drink and dance the night away at one of the Singapore City’s exclusive clubs, or enjoy the tranquil, colonial elegance of the Raffles Hotel veranda.

Those who want to work up a sweat with outdoor activities can walk, cycle, rock-climb or go-kart in the city proper, or water ski and wake board on the nearby Kallang River. Those with an eye toward the creative will want to check out the contemporary arts scene, which is thriving under the government’s promotion of Singapore as a centre for the arts.

Naturalists will adore the landscapes within the island’s centre, with their sparkling reservoirs and leafy tracts of forest where monkeys chatter loudly as they climb among the tree boughs. In having created the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore city has the distinction of being one of only two cities in the world that still retains a patch of primary rainforest.