Solomon Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

Famous for its spectacular dive sites, the Solomon Islands are just as intriguing above the water as they are below. Hiding a myriad of sunken warships and stunning reefs beneath their translucent waters, the islands themselves are like a pristine paradise that time forgot.

The archipelago of the Solomon Islands consists of just under 1000 islands, sprawling luxuriously for 400,000 square kilometres through the South Pacific. As tiny, relatively undiscovered pearls in the yachting world, the Solomons create the rare feeling of being among the first to set foot in some of the world’s most beautiful oases.

Being virtually unexplored, the waters of the Solomon Islands are simply brimming with fantastic big game fishing opportunities. Unspoiled by commercial fishing, the ocean is a private fishing paradise for Pacific sailfish, striped marlin, Spanish mackerel, Wahoo, tuna, giant trevally, red bass and coral trout.

Diving and Snorkelling
With delightfully warm waters that boast vibrant coral gardens in a kaleidoscope of colours, shallow wrecks and exhilarating drop offs teeming with hundreds of species of tropical fish, there is no mystery as to why the Solomon Islands is a world-renowned SCUBA diving and snorkelling destination.

The Solomons are split into nine distinctly unique provinces, all in various stages of development but all enriched with the arresting spirit that makes the islands so appealing.

Western Province
The Western Province is the most developed of the islands and where the most modern and luxurious resorts can be found. A swirling blend of verdant greens, bone whites and fading blues, the lagoons that surround this beautiful province are a true joy to behold from the deck or from a scenic flight high above. Particularly brilliant is Marovo Lagoon, the largest saltwater lagoon in the world and the pride of the Western Province.

Ghizo and Kennedy Islands
Ghizo Island boasts some captivating open-air markets and exhilarating hikes to the panoramic lookout. A short sail away is the famous Kennedy Island, where some superb sandy beaches and coral reefs make for excellent snorkelling and dive sites.

Choiseul Province
Choiseul Province in the northwest is home to Choiseul Bay, whose gorgeous waterfalls and attractive villages make it well worth a day trip. Be sure to keep an eye on the waters as you cruise the Bay as it is not uncommon to spot a float of majestic saltwater crocodiles gliding through the calm waters.

Solomon Islands Area Information

  • Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD)
  • (GMT-02:00) Mid-Atlantic-2

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

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