Spanish Coast Luxury Yachting Guide

Enjoying an enviably glowing climate, the unfettered liquid gold of the sun and numerous beaches of gorgeous ivory sand will take your breath away. Dripping with vibrant culture, avant-garde cuisine and breathtaking landscapes, a trip to Spain’s exclusive costas will thrill and astonish even the most world-weary traveller.

For a luxurious escape into the heart of Spain’s most exclusive and beautiful destinations, slip down the shore to the top chic costas and soak in the unabated sun and sublime relaxation on offer. When you visit the glorious Spanish Coast, be sure to make the most of the traditional convention of afternoon siesta. When sundown comes, Spain rouses itself from dreams and steps out into the night to live life to the fullest.

Costa de Sol
Costa de Sol certainly lives up to its name: enjoying an unheard-of 325 days of brilliant sunshine a year, this coastal paradise is an absolute treasure, with its magnificent beaches encircled by the balmy Mediterranean waters. Costa del Sol is home to the notorious capital city of Malaga, as well as stylish Marbella.

Marbella is a glitzy haven full of premier boutiques that will satisfy the heart of any fashionista. Marbella is not all cigarette smoke and gilded mirrors: wander through the centuries-old lanes lined with delicious tapas bars and tranquil pavement cafes.

Costa Blanca
Stretching south of Valencia, the Costa Blanca (White Coast), boasts some of the most dramatic scenery on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. Alluring stretches of golden beaches, sheer cliffs, serene villages and a vibrant nightlife are the recognised attractions synonymous with Costa Blanca.

100km south of Valencia and 110km north of Alicante, in the heart of the Costa Blanca, lies Denia. The old town is built on narrow whitewashed streets which lead to the chic, bustling Port Denia marina. The town faces north-east, towards the Balearic Islands, which are just a short ferry ride from the port. Backed by an aged, but nonetheless imposing fortress, a long sweep of golden sand stretches out toward the deep-blue of the Mediterranean.

Food aficionados have come to the right place: Valencia is the birthplace of the ubiquitous Spanish dish, paella. Whether you're already a fan of this complex native recipe or looking to have your first glorious taste, this is the perfect spot to dive in.

Get familiar with the awe-inspiring genius of Gaudi in one of Spain’s most sophisticated cities: Barcelona located on the Costa Brava. This is a Spanish city with its finger firmly on the pulse of ingenious style, bold design and all things avant-garde.

Enclaves of lively bars and restaurants around the Gothic Quarter and El Born ensure that the city stays alive deep into the night along with her enthusiastic visitors: eating, drinking and dancing in excess. With much to celebrate, it is no wonder that the doors of Barcelona never seem to close, even in the smallest hours of the morning.

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