St Petersburg Luxury Yachting Guide

St.Petersburg is the glittering jewel in Russia’s crown: a rich bastion of imperial majesty, this gorgeous metropolis rests atop wending canals of the tranquil Neva River. A former showcase of royal wealth, St.Petersburg is the epicentre for culture and romance while boasting pristine examples of the Russian Empire style of classical architecture.

Founded over 300 years ago, St.Petersburg remains one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A sumptuous destination in which visitors can enjoy every facet of the arts, a vibrant nightlife and an extraordinary history, Russia’s ‘window on Europe’ is a locale bursting with life and opportunity.

The perfect destination for elegant luxury, St.Petersburg is a rich, ancient city of intriguing history that pulses with a vibrant culture sure to enthral and enrapture, no matter the season.

White Nights
Without a doubt, one of the largest attractions of St.Petersburg is the majesty of the White Nights. These long summer days, beginning in May, never see the setting of the sun and, beneath this eerie and mysterious twilight, revelry and hedonism thrive within this ancient and elegant destination.

Nevsky Prospekt
For those who like to be seen, St.Petersburg is one of Russia’s most chic options, and Nevsky Prospekt is the hub. Beneath the shelter of this covered arcade visitors will find designer boutiques, premier restaurants and exclusive nightclubs whose level of sheer extravagance is unrivalled the world around.

Shopping is a favourite pastime for visitors and locals alike, and one of the queens of Russian prêt à porter is Tatyana Parfionova. Her shows are a must for the jet-set crowd and her original designs, some of which are displayed in the Russian Museum, are breathtaking.

After picking up a few new pieces, head to Palkin, a newly re-built restaurant erected on its original site dating from 1785. This plush symbol of St.Petersburg’s renaissance is a hotspot for Russia’s new elite and serves traditional cuisine in an elegant atmosphere.

Nightclubs and cabarets have lost their cache in St.Petersburg owing to their seedy reputation leading to a re-birth of bars and dance clubs, which the young set have embraced whole-heartedly, especially during the all-night feast that is the White Nights.

Built in a variety of classical styles including the playful opulence of the Baroque and the graceful majesty of the Russian Empire, architecture enthusiasts will be in seventh heaven in St.Petersburg. Travellers should be sure to visit the Admiralty, not only for its exquisite beauty but its lush gardens and lovely fountains as well, and the Church of the Saviour on the Spilt Blood, with its soaring onion domes.

St Petersburg

St Petersburg

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