Stromboli Luxury Yachting Guide

A dramatic drop in the Mediterranean Sea, the most remote and naturally intriguing of the Aeolian Islands is the volcanic treasure of Stromboli. In a constant state of activity, the smouldering volcano that dominates the rugged landscape continues to draw fascinated travellers to its unique heart.

The northernmost atoll of the Aeolian archipelago, Stromboli is easily reached by yacht from any of its sister islands and the mainland of Sicily. On the west coast of the island is the tiny fishing town of Ginostra, where yachts can anchor close to the pier and allow eager travellers a chance to sit in a tiny cliff-top bar as the sun goes down.

To the east is the much larger village of Stromboli, home to a charming centre of clamouring streets mingled with low-rise, whitewashed buildings and spectacular ocean views. The port at Stromboli village is more a bustling, dishevelled jetty surrounded by sun-kissed black sand beaches strewn with weathered fishing boats in various colours.

Stromboli Volcano
Stromboli is Europe’s second biggest active volcano and towers for almost 1000 metres above sea-level. To truly appreciate this natural phenomenon, an evening really should be spent in the shadow of the awe-inspiring volcano. Each night the activity of the island reaches its most unruly, and lucky spectators can witness the humbling site of molten rock, ash and magma being thrown high into the night sky. An awe-inspiring site to be enjoyed either from the quaking island itself, or perhaps more favourably, from the comfort of your own yacht.

For those adventurous types, exhilarating tours can be taken to the summit of the volcano although only 80 people at any one time are allowed up the mountain. For onboard viewing, sail northwest to the glorious sight of “Sciara del Fuoco”, a steep slope covered in lava flows that is pelted with falling rocks during eruptions.

Just offshore of Stromboli Town is the slight island of Strombolicchio, surrounded by crystal clear waters perfect for scuba diving.



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