Sweden Luxury Yachting Guide

A style icon of the North, Sweden manages to intertwine modern sophistication with gentle nautical charm. Proudly offering discerning travellers everything from cosmopolitan cities and medieval towns to intriguing stretches of wilderness, Sweden is a treasure trove of riches.

Bordering Finland on its northeast and Norway on its west, Sweden is a land of shimmering lakes, towering forests and flowing meadows.

The thriving capital of Stockholm is the major attraction on the Swedish landscape, a regal city of beautiful architecture, charming waterfront districts and stunning cultural attractions. Travellers are greeted with an archipelago of over 20,000 islands upon entering Stockholm’s magnificent waters, making the city a truly diverse and scenic yachting adventure.

Big, bustling Gothenburg mirrors the entry into Stockholm as you pass through a gorgeous archipelago on the southwest coast. A glorious expanse of green, Gothenburg is swathed in beautiful gardens dotted with colourful botanicals boasting rare orchids and butterflies that paint the city with colour. The city centre houses tempting designer boutiques, charming cafés and elegant restaurants within its main avenue, and is also home to Scandinavia’s largest shopping centre.

West Coast
Sailing the majestic west coast just north of Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s most amazing travel experiences. A favourite with the locals, the highlights of this scenic stretch are the once-royal resort of Marstrand, the medieval artistry town of Lysekil, and the idyllic gateway to the Koster Islands, Stromstad.

The largest island of the Swedish archipelago, and of the entire Baltics, is Gotland; Sweden’s ruggedly beautiful premier holiday island. Sunsets enjoyed from the deck off the coast of this island treasure are truly spectacular, as are the views of the diverse coastline as you approach. The perfect place to indulge in watersports and fishing excursions, Gotland’s capital of Visby is full of interesting shops and cafés buzzing with lively character.

Swedish Countryside
For a truly secluded escape however, Sweden’s inland regions are the place to head. Space is one of the true gifts Sweden has to offer; boundless plains of uninhabited beauty hiding fascinating wildlife and unparalleled peace and quiet. The Swedish countryside boasts the fairytale provinces of Dalarna and Varmland, both well worth a trip inland.



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