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  • South Pacific

    The South Pacific benefits from a year-round tropical
    climate, experiencing hot and humid conditions between
    November and April, while cooler, drier conditions can..

  • Australia

    Australia is home to two main climatic zones; tropical
    in the north and temperate in the south. 40 percent of
    the country falls in the tropical zone and encompasses..

  • Charter Wild Waters: Whitsunday Islands December 12 2018

    Charter Wild Waters: Whitsunday Islands

    For an incredibly laid-back adventure, sail to the Whitsundays,
    one of Australia’s natural wonders – a treasure chest of 74
    emerald islands set in a sapphire sea. The island group lies..

  • Week Ending 29/07/2011 July 28 2011

    Week Ending 29/07/2011

    Various reports have emerged this week which have highlighted
    interesting developments regarding the potential growth of the
    superyacht industry in certain regions of the world.