Tahiti Luxury Yachting Guide

Part of the glamorous ‘Society Islands’, Tahiti is the ultimate location for island indulgence and cosmopolitan luxury on the glorious South Pacific. Dripping with golden sun, coated in sugary beaches of the finest sands and surrounded by crystal-blue waters teeming with a rare kaleidoscope of marine life, Tahiti is the epitome of heaven on earth.

The gorgeous and glittering island of Tahiti is one that evokes images in the mind of earthly paradise: exactly the memories travellers come away with once they’ve visited the island. This is one tropical locale that lives up to its own hype, with its lush landscapes rich with the scent of wild flowers, sun-drenched climate and glorious coastline peppered with secluded beaches and skirted by crystalline waters.

Whether travellers come to Tahiti for luxurious indulgence at one of the boutique spas and exquisite resorts, or for a hedonistic outdoor extravaganza, this dulcet island with its dazzling dichotomy of sophisticated glamour and pristine, rural beauty is sure to inspire and excite.

Papeete is the bustling capital city of Tahiti and is home to a sprawling central market selling the luminous local black pearls, Tahitian crafts, flowers and much more, all in a vivid and welcoming environment.

Though Tahiti may be short on bone-white beaches, her gorgeous and tranquil sister island, Moorea, has them in spades as well as boasting a stunning valley called the Opunohu which is replete with stunning, verdant landscapes and mysterious archaeological sites. For those who adrenaline junkies, Bora Bora offers the rare opportunity to view manta rays and feed sharks.

A true sailing paradise, Tahiti is home to numerous protected anchorages and enjoys excellent sailing weather, allowing intrepid explorers to visit as many of the glorious islands of French Polynesia as they like.

Possessing one of the only circuitous island roads, Tahiti’s 117 kilometre road takes travellers past countless monuments, ruins, waterfalls and majestic cliffs. The natural landscape of Tahiti is simply astounding and their charming villages are sure to enrapture as well. Stay the night in a dramatic over-water bungalow positioned above tranquil lagoon waters whose soothing sounds will usher in deep sleep and satisfying repose.

Golf enthusiasts will love the American designed championship golf course, while horseback riding of all levels takes place throughout the island, allowing for a refreshing gallop against one of the worlds most gorgeous backdrops.

Tahiti Area Information

  • French Polynesia Comptoirs Français du Pacifique Franc (XPF)
  • Pacific/Honolulu(GMT-10:00) Hawaii-10



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