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For a day spent ashore, these are the places to be pampered, the sights to see, the shopping districts to delve into, the activities to indulge in, and the gourmet treats to discover.

Le Spa
The Radisson Plaza Resort is home to Le Spa, a wonderful pampering experience offering traditional Polynesian massages and beauty care in an elegant and relaxing environment. Using home-made treatments based on ancestral recipes, the spa offers lucky visitors a unique way to unwind.

Intercontinental Resort
Intercontinental Resort Tahiti is one of the island’s best, and on an island where luxury resorts are a lifestyle, that is an impressive title. Currently boasting five-star accommodation and brilliant facilities, the resort will open a brand new Spa by Algotherm in November of 2009. Concentrating a deep knowledge in marine cosmetics towards creating exceptionally personalised products, the spa will no doubt earn a reputation as strong as its resort’s.

Like many of the South Pacific islands, the majority of the best beaches are occupied by high-class resorts but most are still open for non-guests. Tahiti is also home to many public beaches, including the black volcanic sands of Mahina, Point Venus, and Papenoo Village Beaches.

Tahiti’s finest items to shop for are cultured pearls; naturally beautiful gems which can be only created in the warm lagoon waters of Tahiti. Known around the world as Black Pearls, they range in size, shape and shade; from green, blue and bronze, to purple and pink. An excellent place to view these treasures is the atmospheric Pearl Market held in Papeete where you can choose your own pearls and have them set in a brilliant design within hours.

Tahia Collins
You can also find an outpost of the excellent designer Tahia Collins on the island, who has won awards for her unique designs combining Tahitian pearls with18-karat gold and pavé diamonds.

Le Marche
For a real taste of Tahiti, a trip to the public market or Le Marche is a must. One block in from the waterfront, the spacious sprawl offers a generous display of flowers, food, scented soaps, sweet treats, costumes and locally woven hats, bags and shell jewellery.

Shark Feeding
For a heart-stopping adventure, take an excursion to feed the sharks. Able to be organised on most of the main islands, visitors can stand behind a make-shift rope as the docile sharks swim right up and are hand-fed by an experienced guide.

Tahiti is an excellent place for scuba diving, hiding dramatic views beneath its crystal waters. Divers can encounter manta rays, dolphins, sharks and sometimes even humpback whales. With amazing sights for both beginning and advanced divers, the warm Tahitian lagoons are a lovely place to learn or explore.

Restaurant Dao
Head to the fashionable Pan-Asian spot of Restaurant Dao in Papeete and join the trendy clientele in enjoying French cuisine and local seafood.



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