Tasmania Luxury Yachting Guide

The island state of Tasmania is Australia with a difference; far away from the deep red of the outback and the glowing heat of the northern beaches sits this oasis awash with intense greenery and colonial heritage.

Boasting luscious rainforests and sandy beaches framed by dense native bush land, there is no surprise scenery and escape is what most discerning travellers head to this southerly state for. Separated from the mainland by the 240 kilometre Bass Strait, Tasmania shares the same casual and laid-back vibe of the northern states, although tinted with a slightly more nautical air.

Yachting voyages create the perfect viewing point for the region’s breathtaking coastal stretches, ancient ranges of volcanic peaks and flourishing orchids in all the colours of the rainbow. Apart from its scenery, the breezy climate and compact size of this island gem also make it a perfect yachting destination where experiences can be extraordinarily rich without having to sail too far.

Hobart is the proud capital; a dainty port city in the southeast centred around its historic harbour that seems to be in a constant state of lively action. Surrounded by seductive seascapes and some of Australia’s most celebrated seafood restaurants, Hobart is picture-perfect even by Australian standards.

During the summer months, the tiny city overflows with yachting enthusiasts and eager-eyed spectators as one of the world’s greatest sailing yacht races begins. The Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race sets the city’s heart racing and fills the streets with an additive pulse of adrenalin each December.

Port Arthur
A day’s sail southeast from Hobart is the deeply historical Port Arthur. An old convict settlement, it remains brilliantly preserved and is perfect for an authentic taste of Australian past.

Coles and Wineglass Bays
Further north on the east coast is the beautiful Coles Bay whose sheltered anchorages and abundant marine life make it a perfect stopping point. Seals and dolphins call this area home year round and the fishing is world-class. The region is also home to the delightful Wineglass Bay, widely considered to be one of the world’s best beaches.

Being an island, Tasmania is also blessed with an amazing menagerie of distinct wildlife, from the infamous Tasmanian devil to some of the biggest carnivorous marsupials on the planet in the spotted-tail and the eastern quoll.



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