The Kimberleys Luxury Yachting Guide

Rich, remote and ruggedly romantic, the Western Australian region of the Kimberley Coast is a far reach from the chic, cosmopolitan coast of the east. It proudly gifts a landscape of towering cliffs riddled with tumbling waterfalls, topped by lush rainforests and supported by startling-white beaches.

This is one of Australia’s most untouched coastal regions and the place to head for witnessing an amazing range of captivating wildlife in their natural habitats; from crocodiles and whales, to kangaroos and koalas. Fishing in this region is truly world-class with rivers rich in silver barramundi; a real Australian sportsfish.

The Kimberleys can be considered as two separate areas; the north and the south. Sailing the north brings the wonderful highlights of the Mitchell River and The Bradshaws.

King George River
Sail amongst the soaring red cliffs of King George River, where the intriguing cave system is awash with Aboriginal art that has remained for thousands of years. Diving and snorkelling produces unforgettable glimpses of colourful marine life while the enormous waterfalls of the region are truly awe-inspiring.

Cruising south encompasses ports such as the laid-back Broome with its beautiful white beaches; the perfect contrast to the red sands that dominate the rest of the coast. The magical Mitchell Falls are also highlights of this spectacular region.

The Kimberleys

The Kimberleys

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