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Explore Tonga By Day...

For a day spent ashore, these are the places to be pampered, the sights to see, the shopping districts to delve into, the activities to indulge in, and the gourmet treats to discover.

Fafa Island Resort
Fafa Island Resort is situated on its own little island, about 30 minutes by yacht from Nuku'alofa. An escapist’s dream, the resort features only a scattering of seaside bungalows, fully equipped with luxurious comforts and surrounded by delightfully relaxing beaches and dining opportunities. Enjoy an authentic Polynesian massage in indulgent seclusion or partake in a range of exciting watersports on offer.

Tonga is a world of wonderful beaches; for first-class surfing there are the islands of 'Eua, Ha’apai and Vava’u, while on the main island Niutoua Beach is a favourite.

Whale Watching
If visiting Tonga in winter, you can bear witness to the amazing Humpback Whales that migrate to the island waters. Excursions can even be organised to dive with these massive creatures in their natural habitat.

Blow Holes
Sail along the stretch of coastline at Houma known as the Mapu ‘a Vaea (Chief’s Whistle) to view Tonga’s impressive Blow Holes. The waves send sea water spurting some 18 metres into the air through holes in the reef, making distinctive whistling sounds through the geyser-like spouts.

Tonga is the perfect place to pick up island specialties like hand-decorated tapa cloth, woven mats, pandanus baskets, wonderful goblets carved from coconut shells, and intricate jewellery made from local products.

Art of Tonga
The Art of Tonga on Taufa’ahau Road is well worth a visit, carrying the works of the owner Sitiveni Fehoko, one of Tonga's most talented wood carvers.

Anahulu Cave
On the eastern side of Tonga is the famous Anahulu Cave, a world of spectacular stalactites surrounding a natural underground swimming pool. Just outside is Anahulu Beach, ideal for a day of snorkelling, swimming and lunch on the beach.

Big game fishing is another major attraction in the waters off Vava’u which are home to an abundance of blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin and dogtooth tuna and mahimahi. Join one of the many fishing charters operating from the islands or find your own spot to catch one of these giant creatures.

Tonga is home to absolutely brilliant diving conditions, with warm waters year-round and crystal clear visibility up to 30 metres deep. Several of the islands boast excellent scuba sites, particularly Vava'u with its untouched coral gardens, captivating caves and caverns, huge underwater archways, wall dives and the 122 metre wreck of the Clan McWilliam still intact.

Waterfront Café
The Waterfront Café in Nuku’alofa serves up great Italian fare under the stylish creation of Daniella Orbessano. Choose a table on the long veranda fronting the colonial-style building and enjoy the fresh menu of pastas, seafood and succulent steaks. Fine wines are also a big winner at this relaxed eatery.

Bounty Bar

The Bounty Bar is one of the Neiafu’s most popular local drinking spots, featuring an excellent view of the happening Port of Refuge from its scenic rear veranda.

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