Tonga Luxury Yachting Itineraries

A collection of hand crafted itineraries

  • 8 days
    Tonga to Tonga

    Like its South Pacific neighbours, the Kingdom of Tonga offers yachtsmen a wonderful blend of clear waters, sunny days and soft beaches but also stands as one of the most unspoilt island landscapes of the region. From the luxury-filled islands of the Vava’u group to the tiny picture-perfect Nuku, local hospitality and cultural discovery is guaranteed. Offering visitors peace and relaxation as well as first-class watersports, a voyage into the Tongan way of life is a rare and riveting experience.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 10 days
    Tahiti to Fiji

    With so many different island groups spread across the one majestic sea, finding a route that encompasses all the delights of the South Pacific is a blissfully difficult mission. From the chic beachfront of Tahiti to the captivating culture of the Cook Islands, sailing the islands of the South Pacific is a voyage of many scenes and sights. You are bound to find spectacular diving, fine cuisine and stunning natural scenes on each island; each infused with its own lifestyle and traditions to ensure no two are quite the same. Read Full Itinerary