Turkey Luxury Yachting Guide

Southern Turkey is a delicious fusion of traditional mysticism and contemporary aspirations, and its gorgeous coastal villages and lush islands are fed by crystalline waters teeming with diverse marine life. This serene bastion is heady mix of ancient ruins and glittering marinas and is the ultimate destination for serene relaxation.

Sitting astride two antithetic continents, Turkey is considered to be the world most contested country. Fought over for thousands of years, the stunning beauty of this verdant landscape makes it easy to understand why. The southern coast is an undeniable paradise whose rugged coastlines, dotted with quaint fishing villages and secluded isles, offer innumerable opportunities. Turkey is a bountiful region, brimming with rare adventure and a radiant culture that is sure to enthrall and enrapture.

The most alluring ports of call in the milieu of chic marinas within the Turkish Mediterranean are Marmaris, the Gulf of Gocek, Kalkan and Ekincik. The azure waters off of Turkey’s southern coast are a mixture of the Mediterranean, Black, Marmaran and Aegean seas, and are a rich marine habitat for the varied species indigenous to this dazzling area.

Marmaris is known as Turkey’s yachting capital and with good reason: this lively resort town rests on one of the world largest natural harbours, a sweeping bay backed by majestic mountain peaks. A bustling coastal town, Marmaris offers a thriving nightlife with a host of gems lying just beyond its borders, positioned perfectly for sailing. Considered the heart of the Turquoise coast, visitors will find secluded islands soaked in sun and perfect for snorkelling, mysterious phosphorous caves to explore and thick jungle to trek and off-road through. This venerable outpost of pleasure and relaxation is as beautiful as it is vibrant.

Long considered one of the Mediterranean’s best sailing spots, the Gulf of Gocek is home to four of the main Turkish marinas. The bustling port of Gocek is a registered area of special protection and, as such, has remained a charming fishing village without being tarnished by towering blocks or vulgar resorts. Luxurious satisfaction abounds in this opulent area which is packed with boutique hotels and premier restaurants serving the wonderfully wholesome Turkish cuisine as well as an international menu. Naturalists will adore the surrounding rural areas of the Dalyan Delta offering lush nature reserves, ancient ruins and seductive beaches.

Kalkan is often described as the quintessential Mediterranean harbour and with its subtle Bohemian air, it is sure to enchant. This bougainvillea-draped coastal village is set against the stunning backdrop of the majestic Taurus Mountains. The heart of the village retains its old-world charm due to strict conservation laws and the resulting ambience and tranquillity are beyond compare. Beaches abound in this gorgeous area, as well as the activities that accompany it: in this way and many others, Kalakan does not fail to impress.

An unspoiled area of beautiful conservation, the nature reserve of Ekincik is also a stunning village. Home to a small harbour, this is the perfect spot for respite when sailing from bustling Marmaris to the lovely Gulf of Gocek. The exquisitely diminutive bay of Ekincik is lined with painterly pines and is the ideal base for those yachts wanting to explore Dalyan or the ruins of Caunos. Not far from the quaint city centre lays the Sultaniye Thermal Baths, whose natural springs of 40 degrees Celsius are guaranteed to cure ills of every kind.