Turks & Caicos Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

Made up of 40 intensely tropical isles, the Turks & Caicos Islands are an experience like no other. This sun-soaked sanctuary basks in coral-rich waters of the purest turquoise and benefits from a seductive Caribbean climate. Each island is a vision of sublime ocean views, ivory coastlines and verdant palms bending in the sultry heat.

Known by locals as ‘TCI’, this sprawling archipelago flies under the radar of most known Caribbean destinations and as such, is a sanctuary for those seeking solitude and gentle repose. The waters of TCI teem with abundant marine life and the serene beaches are free of crashing, turbulent waves. Travellers to these lush isles can take their pick of gorgeous white-sand beaches, and enjoy this last bastion of truly deserted islands.

With a heady mixture of white and golden-sand beaches, TCI is a paradise that you can pick and choose. Dusted with secluded bays and tiny wild islands populated with more donkeys than people, the lasting impression one gets from time spent in the Turks & Caicos is that of an alternate reality. Time is inconsequential, as historic town and villages look like sets for centuries-old battles.

Grand Turk
Grand Turk, part of the Turks Islands, is one such island, with charming, dilapidated buildings set on narrow lanes, conjuring up images of life as it must have been during the colonization of this area. Feral donkeys cluster around the numerous salt ponds, while flamingos flock to feed from the shallow water along the shoreline.

Providenciales, known as the gateway to the Caicos Islands, is the other side of the coin. Development is alive and well on this island, and its ever-expanding towns are pushing along the limits of the island proper. Rich with modern amenities, ‘Provo’ as it is affectionately known, is home to a golf course, casino, shopping centres and excellent restaurants. The world’s only conch farm is located on Providenciales and has a gorgeous array of these slow-growing natural wonders.

Salt Cay
Salt Cay is as different from Providenciales as day is to night. This is a truly rural island, with horses running free alongside cows, donkeys and chickens. Charming and serene, this island is quietly vibrant, with a substantial population of genial inhabitants.

Water is precious, and in the summertime, when the grass supply shrivels, travellers are cautioned to keep an eye on their favourite books as the local animals find them irresistible. Birdwatchers and scuba divers alike will enjoy this quaint haven, and with no city lights, star-gazing is at its best.

Turks & Caicos Islands Area Information

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