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Explore the Italian Archipelago By Day...

For a day spent ashore, these are the places to be pampered, and the activities to indulge in.

Natural Therapies
Elba uses its unique and traditional resources to offer visitors what they can’t find in other destinations, using its raw materials to pamper and indulge tired sailing bodies. The earth of Elba gifts a luxuriant scrub, which is perfect for revitalising worn-out souls in bathing therapies, while sea mud and aromatic ocean plants are used to ease ailments. Underwater massages are performed in a completely noise free environment, where you can achieve complete relaxation amid the awe-inspiring forests of one of Italy’s most magical islands.

Thermes of San Giovanni
Especially enchanting are the Thermes of San Giovanni, situated in an eucalyptian wood only 10 metres from the thermal basin.

Food & Wine Festival
Elba is a real jewel for lovers of fine food and wine in July and August when it hosts an amazing festival of gastronomic delights. The most famous wine houses in Italy and masters chefs of the Slow Food movement assemble on the waterfront to share their very best offerings with those lucky enough to be on the island.

The Sweater Club Acquabona is found on the road that arrives from Portoferraio, and spending a day on the exceptionally green course provides an excellent escape. Enjoy a challenging nine holes alone, with family and friends, or with a professional coach, all the while gazing upon the breathtaking Italian hinterland that frames your game.

While you will find amazing diving options off the coast of the biggest islands, Capraia perhaps offers the most breathtaking of experiences. Being of volcanic origin, the vegetation supported by its pristine waters provides the perfect shelter for some of the Mediterranean’s rarest and most exquisite marine life.


Like the rest of the archipelago, Capraia’s deep history only enhances the beauty of its dives, with thousand-year-old shipwrecks, and even an old German warplane just waiting to be explored. The main dive sites off the island are Cala del Caffè on the east, and Punta Secca a Capraia to the west. There are a number of quality dive companies on the Capraia who can arrange for organised tours by day or night, and can fulfil specialist requests to unique sites on request.

Tuscan Archipelago

Tuscan Archipelago

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