United Kingdom Luxury Yachting Guide

Setting eyes on the majestic landscapes and intriguing sights of the United Kingdom is a pleasure many yachtsmen overlook. Not traditionally considered a hotspot on the yachting map, this quiet and unassuming region hides an entertaining heart behind its rocky coastline.

A small region of four countries, this northerly gem manages to match cosmopolitan cities with country villages like no other. Although the main yachting hotspots are found in southern England and along the west coast of Scotland, there is an absolute treasure trove of historic towns, bright cities and inspiring scenes to be found amongst the revelry of Ireland and the friendly charm of Wales.

Not to be missed in England is the uniquely spectacular Solent and all the delights of the Isle of Wight, while the popular ports of Southampton, Gosport, and Portsmouth are well worth discovering. Home to the legendary city of London where the nightlife, cultural displays and verdant parks are unrivalled, England offers discerning travellers destinations rich in seaside charm, traditional country spirit and bold flamboyance.

Scotland is perfect for discovering tiny bays and exclusive hotels and restaurants accessible only by water. This proud country is blessed with a mythical quality that extends far beyond its misty lochs and heart-pulling cities. Exploring the raw, rugged coastline brings excellent encounters with scenic islands, atmospheric port towns and waters rich with dolphins, porpoises, whales, and puffins. Not to be missed is the capital of Edinburgh; unexplainably beautiful and deeply entertaining.

Ireland is a bright tapestry of two parts, where the north forms part of the UK while the south stands proudly alone. As an overall slice of Irish pride however, this sliver of land is awash with eye-catching coastline, timeless towns and cities that capture the imagination. The allure of Dublin is legendary and the multicultural capital is home to a happening nightlife and thriving shopping scene that speaks for itself.

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