Wellington Luxury Yachting Guide

Boasting a glorious harbour, Wellington is surrounded by gently rolling hills and a rugged coastline that is home to numerous pristine beaches of glittering sand. Close to the prolific wine regions, thriving native forests and the unspoiled Hutt River, this glorious landscape serves as a resplendent backdrop for every outdoor sport or pursuit of pleasure.

Wellington is a city brimming with youthful energy and a cultural vitality that is sure to turn heads its way in the very near future, but for now, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an unfettered taste of the luminous beauty New Zealand has to offer.

The Golden Mile
New Zealand’s bustling centre for culture and the arts, Wellington is a city of pronounced sophistication and vitality. With a compact, vibrant core perfectly suited to exploration on foot the chosen path would be the classically styled commercial backbone known as the Golden Mile.

Unmatched for its premier restaurants, chic boutiques and lively nightclubs, this area is a rich blend of culture and history that is unmatched for its urban beauty. Be sure to stop by the ultra-modern Beehive and see which way its flag is blowing, put there specifically so sailing enthusiasts would know the days wind speed and direction.

The three areas that make up greater Wellington are the Kapiti Coast, Upper Hutt and Porirua. Known as the Nature Coast, Kapiti is the quintessence of New Zealand and home to many rare species and endangered birds, as well as being a centre for delicious and locally produced foodstuffs like as cheese, chocolate and ice cream.

Upper Hutt
Upper Hutt is a locale tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts, with a pristine river bearing the same name, lush native forests and hiking trails perfect for trekking or cycling. Golfers swarm this stunning area in order to play a few rounds on the breathtaking, emerald courses.

Porirua is Wellington’s water-sports mecca, offering an incredible backdrop of rugged coastline for windsurfing, sailing and diving aficionados. Home to a litany of quaint shops and the award-winning PATAKA Museum, this rich area of culture is the perfect place to relax and explore rural New Zealand.

Though it’s nearly an hour outside of Wellington proper, the wine region of Wairarapa can not be missed. Visit the charming wine-scented village of Martinborough or acquire a few exquisite antiques from Greytown’s boutiques. Whether you stick to the Wairarapa region or venture along the vaunted 380 kilometre New Zealand Wine Trail, the gourmet flavours on offer are sure to provide the ultimate wine-tasting experience.

Wellington Area Information

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