West Mediterranean Luxury Yachting Guide

From the rustic chic of Sardinia to the glamour of the Côte d’Azur, this intriguing part of the world makes for an unforgettable cruising destination. Beneath the obvious beauty of the region lies bustling cities and hidden villages enriched with spirit and dripping in luxurious offerings.

Tracing a golden trail from the Strait of Gibraltar to the southern reaches of Sicily, the West Mediterranean casts its spell over a number of island paradises in its midst. Unbelievably rich in culture, art and history, the West Mediterranean is bursting at the seams with yachting oases.

Spain’s sophisticated corner bathes travellers in its magnificently sunny climate and entangles them in its vibrant nightlife. Floating in a world of tranquillity are the Balearic Islands, offering complete escapism on their graceful shores.

The island of Sardinia beckons visitors beneath its turquoise waters for unforgettable diving experiences and boasts the ultimate in luxury pampering above on its glistening sands.

Côte d’Azur
The Côte d’Azur is an exceptional coastal stretch of luxury resorts, seaside villages and striking beaches, interwoven with an irresistibly French flavour. Boasting the glamorous St. Tropez, the star-studded Cannes and the stylish Monaco, the sparkling French Riviera is the ultimate sailing ground for those seeking a slice of opulence.

Italian Riviera
Flowing neatly across the border, the coastline takes on an artistic flamboyance as the Italian Riviera emerges. Achingly beautiful and equally as captivating, the rugged shoreline hugs the bustling port city of Genoa and the elegantly tiny Portofino.

The idyllic Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and benefits from a unique blend of cultures and flavours that draw visitors to its secluded bays and fascinating volcanic islands. Sailing the West Mediterranean waters offers the perfect blend of sights, shopping, attractions and activities.