BCYBA - British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association

Since 1991, the BCYBA has been promoting boating throughout British Columbia by ensuring a high professional standard for yacht brokers. With the concerns and priorities of the recreational boater in mind, the BCYBA has aspired to make the task of buying or selling a boat in B.C. a straightforward, positive experience.

Every member of the YBA has agreed to follow an established Code of Ethics detailing conduct of their relations with the public and with fellow yacht brokers. In cases where disputes do arise, the YBA Ethics Committee, made up of experienced brokers, will monitor the situation and offer arbitration services to resolve the problem. Each and every BCYBA member has committed to abide by the highest brokering standards in North America. When dealing with a BCYBA member, you'll benefit from having these standards in place, including Certification, a carefully coordinated and accredited program for professional yacht brokers. This designation is internationally recognized and is a benchmark for boat sellers and buyers to select qualified, competent yacht brokers.

BCYBA is a member’s only organization: their secure resource centre provides BCYBA Members with convenient access to exclusive resources and industry information. BCYBA members are required to maintain a trust account for the purpose of holding payments until the sale has been closed. This is a security measure that can save you time and money if something goes wrong at the last minute. Everyone benefits from the proper handling of money. The BC Yacht Brokers Association requires its members to adhere to the highest brokering standards in North America. The Certification Program is fully accredited by the Pacific Marine Training Campus of the B.C. Institute of Technology and gives you confidence that your broker is truly dedicated to his profession.