BIA - Boating Industry Association of New South Wales Ltd

The Boating Industry Association (BIA) is a non-profit organization that has represented, since its inception in 1960, a broad and diverse boating industry sector and BIA members embody over 90% of commercial activity in the recreational and light commercial boating industry in New South Wales, Australia.

Member companies include boat builders, retailers, engine distributors, yacht brokers, trailer manufacturers, ship chandleries, hire and charter boat operators, marinas, shipwrights, mechanical and electrical engineers plus ancillary services - all the different facets of the boating industry. BIA members provide products and services to a diverse range of sporting, recreational and tourism activities. As well as serving the needs of its members, the BIA often finds itself actively campaigning on behalf of more than 2.5 million people who regularly enjoy recreational boating in New South Wales.

Member of the BIA honour the BIA's Code of Ethics, thus ensuring that their customers have absolute peace of mind in the purchase or boating products and services. In addition, the BIA is involved in important issues which touch upon all aspects of our recreational use of the waterways - the environment, boating safety, access, public facilities and so on.