CYBA - California Yacht Brokers Association

The California Yacht Brokers Association was founded on January 29, 1975. It is a nonprofit organization of yacht brokers and salespersons dedicated to conducting business with integrity, dignity and a high standard of professionalism.

Those applying for membership to the CYBA must be sponsored by two broker members, reviewed by the membership committee and approved by the board of directors. These members have joined forces to provide services to the brokerage industry, as well as to protect California boat buyers and sellers.

The CYBA Code of Ethics is a cornerstone and industry standard for professional conduct. California was the first state to require brokers and sales personnel to be licensed and bonded. The efforts of the California Yacht Brokers Association goes beyond that which is required by law and offers further protection and services to the consumer. Examples that we are proud of include our Code of Ethics that is recognized nationwide as the cornerstone and standard for professional conduct, our Arbitration Process to settle disputes between consumers and brokers, and educational material such as our "Buying a Used Boat" page.