Charter Yacht Blue Moon Crew

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Length: 60.35m  (197'11"ft) / Guests: 12 / Built: 2005

Blue Moon Crew

  • Emile Bootsma
    South African
    Emile has been the owner’s captain for the last 13 years and has captained all three of his vessels named “Blue Moon”. With the last two he was heavily involved overseeing the construction and was responsible for writing the final specification. Born in Cape Town and educated at Stellenbosch, Emile is also a Dutch citizen and speaks fluent Dutch. His interests are wide and varied but mainly seem to congregate around sailing and motorcycle racing ... or now-a-days it is mostly whatever his 6 year old son wants to do.
  • Johan Harris
    South African
    Chief Officer
    Johan has also worked on all three Blue Moon’s, and has only recently come back to the yachting industry after being involved in the marble counter top business for the last 7 years. Johan’s passions run toward anything with an internal combustion engine, but specifically German cars and Italian motorcycles.
  • Chris Marsicano
    South African
    Second Officer
    Chris is a 10 year veteran of the yachting industry having served on various yachts over the years; he finally decided to go home and take the plunge 2 years ago, but not content to sit on the couch yet he brought his new bride state side 2 years ago and now they both work on Blue Moon. Chris is an avid aviation enthusiast and spends most of his spare time viewing the country side from his paraglider…with an air cooled motor strapped to his back!
  • Hans Aliaga Lopez
    Hans met up with the Blue Moon 4 years ago in St. Maarten where he was the top rated day worker of his day. His hard work finally paid off 2 years ago when he joined the boat’s permanent crew as deckhand. Not content on resting on his laurels Hans worked his way up to the Bosun’s position….ten years serving in the Peruvian navy obviously served him well! Hans speaks fluent Spanish and has a lovely wife and two kids back home in Lima. Any conversation with Hans will no doubt eventually steer around to Soccer.
  • Tim Hull
    Tim only recently came from the west coast of Australia to seek his fortune. Even though he is relatively new to the industry he is a quick and enthusiastic learner and can already hold his own with the industry veterans. Tim is another gear head with an interest in monstrous Australian V-8’s and motorcycles, but he is also pretty handy on a wakeboard.

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