Desert meets city, gastronomy meets nightlife, beach clubs meet art, there is nothing Dubai doesn't offer for luxe-hungry superyacht travellers. Truly cosmopolitan yet culturally rich, Dubai is the stage for activity. Whether ocean-fuelled exploration, haute-couture or world-class hospitality, it is truly fit for a KIng...

Iconic Landscapes

Dubai has a plethora of bespoke, stand-out experiences for superyacht travellers. Whether it's the Dubai Frame, a visual connection between the old and new city, a popular heritage destination, Al Marmoom  for camel racing, the tallest building in the world, everything about Dubai screams iconic. Don't forget to take a ride across Dubai Creek, for unforgettable views of the city-scape to last a lifetime.


White Sand Beaches

Kite Beach is perfect for beach lovers. Inviting travellers to join a game of beach volleyball, go kite-surfing or take a run around the soft running track, it is truly exceptional for activity lovers. Jumeirah Beach, also known as JBR, is also a firm favourite for luxury travellers. The sand is dusty white and powdery soft, and the water is warm and emerald coloured, perfect for basking in big-city bliss in Dubai. 

Old-Town Allure 

The historic quarter of Al Bastakiya dates back to the 19th century and is the oldest residential quarter in Dubai. For those looking to wander through souks and get lost in the allure of real-life Dubai, it offers a slice of authenticity, promising travellers a dose of history and experiential immersion into another side to glossy Dubai.