Iconic Landscapes
Dubai is a city renowned for its world-famous infrastructure: a skyline characterised by some of the most notable skyscrapers in the world. Included in this is the Burj Khalifa, which boasts the title of the world’s tallest building. These architectural masterpieces are representative of the affluent nature of the city and its appeal to superyacht owners from all over the globe.

These landscapes also include a series of man-made lakes and marinas, showing the cosmopolitan city's strong roots to the sea and a nod towards its small-fishing-town past. These diverse elements showcase why Dubai is such a popular destination, as visitors can revel in both bustling city life and a relaxing beach escape.

Picture-Perfect Beaches
Considered the pearl of the UAE, Dubai has a strong reputation for having immaculate beaches, some close to the main city and others more secluded, in the man-made islands off of the coast. Thrill-lovers and leisure-seekers alike are catered for, with the stretches of white sand and emerald waters perfect for a range of activities, from kite surfing and watersports, to simply basking in big-city bliss.

Old-Town Allure
Alongside being a renowned sun-soaked metropolis, Dubai is famous for its warm hospitality, rich culinary heritage and strong traditions that contribute to a vibrant cultural scene. Immerse yourself in traditional markets, tasting authentic meals and learning about the city’s rich history to embrace the complete offerings of this UAE gem: experiencing the charm alongside the glamour.