The Dodecanese Islands are defined by medieval castles and Byzantine churches, thrilling enough to entice architecture fanatics world round year after year to their alluring shores. The ancient Greek ruins stand proudly looking out at the glittering Aegean sea, while pearly white architecture makes up these island villages and streets.  

The largest of the Dodecanese and capital island is Rhodes, popular with visitors for its pristine beaches and idyllic architecture. Byzantine churches and ancient Greek ruins make up this rugged island's allure, while the local tradition is extremely hospitable and ready to welcome visitors to its mythological shores.

Beach Bliss
The islands of the Dodecanese on the southeastern side of the Aegean Sea are somewhat tucked away from the more popular Cyclades isles, meaning that their stretches of beaches and hidden bays are largely unspoilt by the effects of tourism. As such, the Dodecanese Islands are home to some of the best beaches in Greece. Take a trip to the larger islands of Rhodes and Kos for organised beaches with pristine facilities, including luxurious resorts and languid beach bars, including Faliraki, Ixia, Ialyssos and Kalithea in Rhodes, and Kefalos and Kardamena in Kos. Venture out to some of the smaller islands for more ambient atmosphere and secluded sands.

Ancient Attractions
A trip to the Dodecanese is not quite complete without discovering the freestanding ancient Greek ruins shrouded in mythology and mystery. Rhodes is home to one of the best preserved medieval towns and a UNESCO world heritage listed capital city, Rhodes Town. Its melting pot architectural character is a mix of influences, from Roman ruins and Gothic castles to ottoman mosques and Italian townhouses. The stunning Acropolis of Lindos towering over the south-east coast is an incredible sight to see, while a well-preserved Roman era marketplace and temples can be found on the other side of the island in Kamiros. 

Island Allure
There is no shortage of stellar spots for activity and enjoyment in the Dodecanese. From the fascinating Valley of the Butterflies to the sunny bays of Prasonisi, these islands are a treasure trove for families, couples, and adventurous solo travellers alike. And just because of their rugged nature, there should be no compromise on luxury during your Dodecanese stayover. With an array of incredible five star resorts on offer, including the cool and contemporary Rodos Palladium and the Elysium Resort & Spa, make your experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible with the finest the islands have to offer.