The scenic beauty of Scandinavia is undeniable. Perfect for superyacht owners searching for exploration and adventure, its waters invite the ultimate experience up-close-and-personal with nature. Scandinavia is an explorer’s dream, with every stretch of coastline offering a chance to discover spectacular waterfalls hidden within ice-carved inlets, and historical hillsides dotted with colourfully-thatched cottages. 

Glacial Beauty

Norway’s north is pure glacial beauty, sprinkled with rugged pinnacles and tiny islands discovered by the Vikings long ago. Further south lie the most breathtaking fjords, and the Norway of fairytales. Whether jetting across it's waters, or making your way by superyacht, the lush landscape of the fjords offer a breathtaking insight into Scandinavia's untouched beauty, perfect for superyacht owners seeking a quiet corner of relaxation and restoration at the arms of nature. 

Colourful Cities

Known for its charming splash of colour, the towns, villages and cities of Scandinavia are quaint in every way and perfect for retreating into a smaller, unassuming destination that is under-the-radar. Take Stockholm's castles and medieval valleys, Copenhagen's museums, galleries and canals, or to the ski slopes of Oslo, each region offers a vibrancy and character of its own, while belonging quintessentially to Scandinavia's cooler-than-cool aesthetic that tries a little less harder than its West Mediterranean counterparts. In doing so, it attracts under-the-radar crowds to a more experiential corner of the world, full of life, colour and unassuming luxury. 

Island Beauty

At the south of this remarkable region is Denmark, whose Jutland peninsula and scattering of islands create excellent sailing destinations. Pretty and charming, Denmark’s dainty landscape is sprinkled with delightful windmills and tightly-huddled villages. perfect for venturing out and into the wilderness, the island beauty of Northern Europe can be felt most here, and provides and exploration-driven sailing destination perfect for off-the-beaten-track travel.