From blushing beaches to cultural festivals, there is nothing Corsica doesn't have to offer superyacht travellers. Whether exploring the seaside town of Ajaccio, or finding the historic beauty of the region enchanting, this melting pot of French and Italian influences makes it a truly unique stop-off on your Mediterranean adventure...

The Beauty of the Beaches

Corsica is known for stunning sandy beaches, with crystal clear, teal blue waters. Some of the most revered include Calvi and Loto in the north and Palombaggia and Pinarello in the south. Whether basking in island bliss, taking on adrenaline fueled watersports or simply marveling at its dazzling scener, Corsica invites travellers to a sanctuary of heavenly heights. 

Hike its Hilltops

Boasting lush greenery that stretches on for miles, it seems there's more than just the beach when it comes to Corsica. Take on an ambitious walking trails along Corsica's stunning coastlines, as you explore the region's finest hidden gems which can only be reached on foot. Cycling and horse riding are also great ways to explore, and are a well established alternative to those who still want to soak up the views of Corsica's paradise. 

Corsica Cuisine

Boasting flavours born from the fragrant herbs of the maquis and forests of chestnuts, nothing says unique like the cuisine of Corsica.  With traditional Corsican cuisine  a varied melting pot of influences, it is the local favourites that are truly unforgettable. Charcuterie - made from free roaming wild boar is one of them. Guests can relish in the undeniable beauty of a rich and vibrant cuisine perfect for experimenting with their palate.